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When assessing costs and benefits of the options for implementing new energy technology, standard calculations like simple payback and ROI don't tell the full story and can even be misleading. Sparkfund set out to build a comprehensive metric that considers maintenance costs, tax implications, opportunity cost, and other overlooked factors.

Total Cost of Use (TCU) is a variation of total cost of ownership. This calculator is intended to be used by potential buyers who are looking for an approximate but insightful estimate that compares, by purchase mode, direct and indirect costs and benefits of new systems.

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Thanks! Based on what you told us, here's a range of approximate project costs and savings. Your actual costs and savings may fall outside these range, as these calculations make intentionally over-simplified assumptions about your existing and replacement equipment.

Project Cost
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Annual Energy

Now for the analysis. Total Cost of Use (TCU) lets you compare the true impact across a range of procurement strategies. Below is a rough estimate of your expected Total Cost of Use in 3 scenarios: keeping your current equipment, making a cash purchase of new systems, and implementing new technology with a subscription. These calculations use averages of the cost and savings range estimates stated above.


Upfront Costs---
Annual Costs---
Annual Opportunity Cost
Annual Subscription Payments
Annual Energy Cost---
Annual Maintenance Cost
Annual Income Tax Advantage

1 Year - Total Cost of Use
5 Years (Cumulative) - TCU---

Disclaimer: There may be other considerations that impact your actual cost of use and the quantitative impact of procuring energy technology. There are additional non-quantitative benefits or impact that should influence your choice. This does not constitute legal or accounting advice. Accounting treatment and tax calculations depend on your licensed professionals.

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